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Founded in 1995, by Mr. Ran Reytan, Tao Software Development Company provides top software solutions matching the precise needs of computer developers, computer technicians and end-users.

We offer the only comprehensive solution in the world, allowing you to run DOS software on all new operating systems common in businesses using Windows 8, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Vista, XP, 2000 and Windows Terminal Servers for all action needed - displaying, printing, remote control operation and more.

We understand that most businesses prefer to continue working with the old familiar DOS software; Upgrading to 'Windows versions' is obviously a long and complicated process with significant costs, which usually creates incompatibility between databases, operating errors and eventually - a drop in the business’ productivity. Tao SDC is here to solve all this.

After years of development, based on real insights and needs of computer service providers and clients from all around the world – Tao SDC's Tao ExDOS software offers the most unique, simple and accurate set of solutions, allowing you to upgrade your systems from DOS software, 16bit, UNIX and AS400 to any modern Microsoft opreating system with no compatibility problems.

Tao ExDOS is suitable for all markets and in the past decade was installed and implemented in thousands of organizations and businesses worldwide - from accounting to industry, government and military offices.

Tao SDC has clients in Israel, USA, Europe, Australia and South America and provides business software solutions for governments, major companies, private clients and all business sectors.

In addition to the development of the Tao ExDOS family of products, Tao SDC develops various other software in different fields. We are always happy to receive feedback and challenge ourselves with requests from potential new partners in all fields of software development. You are welcome to browse the different categories and contact us for more details.

Our Customers Segments:

Tao SDC's products offer the best solutions for a wide range of customer segments:

  • Government - Main offices, municipal authorities, city halls, public service councils, government companies.
  • Health - National Helath Services, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, doctor offices.
  • Finance - Banks, stock market autorities, accounting services, ATM manufacturers, cash registers, cash exchange providers.
  • Insurance - Companies, agents.
  • Factories - Heavy machinery, textile, electronics, metal works, CNC, food industry, medical industry, material industry.
  • Transportation - Public transport, airlines (ticketing, accounting), car importers, car rental companies, car shops.
  • Wholesale - Food market chains, grocery stores, clothing stores, electrical appliances stores, etc.
  • Professional service providers - Law firms and offices, accounting offices, tax consultants, translators, editing and publishing houses.
  • And many more...

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Tao ExDOS - Run DOS programs on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Terminal Server. Print to any printer on any connection (LPT, USB, LAN, Cloud printers), including All-in-One printers, Microsoft Word DOC files, PDF files, Fax, HTML and TXT.